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This is my first blog so I can’t promise my posts will inspire you or not. But if you have any problem with me you can write your problems at the comment boxπŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡

This week I’m going to post a story which is in dialogsπŸ˜€ I will post the first episode this week. The second episode will be posted next weekπŸ˜‰

But please don’t copy my own dialogs because I created it myselfπŸ˜†πŸ˜† I put my effort on doing this.. so please cooperate 😯



At the kingdom of Shimmerville, it was Princess Jasmine’s birthday.

Queen Merlana: (knock the door) Good morning, Jasmine. How lovely to see you again.☺

Jasmine: good morning, mum. Why are you so happy?

Queen Merlana: you’ll know it very soon. Now get up and be ready to start a new day. See you at the breakfast table.

Jasmine: yes, mother. (Sighs) come’on sparkles. Let’s get ready for breakfast!😐

Sparkles: meoww! (Meows)

So while jasmine was getting ready, her parents were arranging a birthday party.

King Kerin: have you finished baking the cake?

Chef melusha: yes your highness. The cake is ready. We just have to wait for the princess.πŸ˜€

King Kerin: excellent! My daughter will be here in a few moments!

Queen Merlana: so let’s get ready to surprise her!

They were ready to surprise Princess Jasmine……… When Jasmine came to the Royal Breakfast Table, nobody was there.

Jasmine: Hello! Anybody here? Mother said she would meet me here…..πŸ˜•

All: Happy Birthday!!!

Jasmine: (suprised) Is it my birthday today? How could I forget my own birthday? Yayy!!!πŸ˜‰

Queen Merlana: Happy birthday, Jasmine. I’ve brought you a present. Guess what? It’s a collection of the Hunger Games series!😏

Jasmine: I love the Hunger Games!πŸ˜…

Queen Merlana : I knew you’d loveπŸ˜… them.

Jasmine: Thank you , mum! (Hugs Queen Merlana)

Queen Merlana: But there’s more. Follow me.☺

Jasmine: Come’on, Sparkles!

So they went to Jasmine’s favourite garden….😊

King Kerin: Oh, hello Jasmine.😊

Jasmine: Hello,father.πŸ˜„

King Kerin : Well, today is your birthday and your mother and I have a very special present for you! It’s a super power motorcycle!πŸ˜ƒ

Jasmine : (suprised) I can’t believe my eyes! I’ve always wanted a motorcycle! Oh,thank you very much!I’m going to the park now. Thank you!πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

King Kerin: Wait! You haven’t make your wish for your birthday yet!😐

Jasmine: I’ll think about it later. I want to enjoy myself first!πŸ˜†

At the park……

Jasmine: Sparkles,how about we play hide and seek?

Sparkles: Okay.

Behind the park……..

Bloom: Take that monster! Fire Swirl!

Jasmine: What’s going on?

Monter: Electric Neutral! Set defense! (Laughs) I shall have the Dragon Flame!

Bloom: You can’t have it! I will protect the Dragon Flame no matter how dangerous it will be!

Jasmine: No, stay away from her!

Monster: And who’s stopping me?

Jasmine: Me!

Monster: Ha! You? Let’s see about that! Shall we?